Prešporský spolok ( Pressburg Association) has been active in the field of adult and child education since 2014. We experienced some successful events while traveling a bit in Bratislava and the surrounding area and looking at different attractions together. Although COVID -19 has restricted our activities this year, we are preparing for the continuation and look forward to both our members and non-members. At the same time, we are finally preparing for the renewed traditions of Pressburg – Bratislava, for example by consuming Pressburger Beugel and drink good Wärmlich.

You can always find the events of the Prešporský spolok on this page and on Facebook.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact

The representatives of the association:

Dagmar Gubová – Statute and Chairman

Dana “Kaška” Plášková and Lenka Zmijová – the committee

Mojmír “Sičko” Zmija – the controller